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since 2014 my dad bought me first tablet with aid of credit card, my life detailed by bundles of mobile video games. as to pc game experience, that much earlier than 2007, when dad appealed his alumni for help equipping me an adequate dell notebook for pc game. we dwelt among pirate games for years, a common phenomenon in PRC. when credit card improves our living much more, we shifted to steam and android platform. in 2 years we gathered near 30 titles in my steam account, while my google play purchases accounts near 50 bucks. with discrete choices we happily enjoy our trade.

now my most pastime spent on my mobiles, includes 3 android devices, a nexus 7 tablet, a nexus 6 and a ZTE. my dad visits me weekends, Saturday afternoon, Sunday noon. we gamed on our 32 inch LED. dad divorced with mom before my anniversary. their disputes usually mute me. dad more and more prone to sit my playing alone. when I urged him to try, he frequent excuse in mood unfit. so I also rendered more time silently on my small screens. however, I didn't dislike them.

my junior school just awaiting months. then my homework likely loads heavier. thx God, my dad will guide my gaming and living upright while my mom, a teacher herself, will supervise my school performance. I hope in long run I live among them well.

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Here woz 楚甲主 with his favorite sport, video games. let the time capsule forever keeps wonderful experience and meaningful activities he invests. for a day future, it saves the world and its problem.

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